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This = hilarious

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kinda want to be successful, kinda want to quit everything binge drink my life away.


"I’m learning to be more careful with my words. Words that seem meaningless at the time can end up having a lot of power. Seeds that you didn’t even intend to plant can fall off you and start growing in people."


10 Song Lyrics Significantly Improved By Cats

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Installation by Niklas Roy is a vast physical network of vacuum tubes and plastic balls which circulate within it - you can even have a ball shower - video embedded below:

“Suck the Balls!” lets people escape the daily grind and immerse into an endless, ecstatic play with thousands of little yellow plastic balls.

The installation consists of a ball pit and an 80 meters long pneumatic tube transport, which fills up the entire historic staircase of the Potocki Palace in Kraków. When entering the ball pit, the cabin’s lights switch on and the ball suction action starts! The visitor can operate the peculiar machinery with a suction spout. When sucking the balls which are surrounding his feet, the balls race through the transparent pipe system, creating a visually stunning scene. The journey of the little balls ends in a container above the ball pit, waiting for the climax of the operation: When the visitor pulls the release handle of the container, a fountain of balls splashes down onto his head in a joyful shower.

A helmet is provided to keep the hairstyle in excellent condition throughout the whole experience.

The installation is held at the Goethe-Institut Krakau from March 2014 until December 2014.

You can find out more about the project at Niklas’ website here


New Vincent Van Gogh painting discovered

The New York Times: Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum has unveiled a newly-discovered painting by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, the first major canvas of the artist’s work that has been found since 1928.

The work, titled ‘Sunset at Montmajour,’ was painted in Arles in 1888 during a period that is considered to be the height of Van Gogh’s career.

Photo: Axel Ruger, left, director of the Van Gogh Museum, and Louis van Tilborgh, right, a senior researcher, unveil ‘Sunset at Montmajour’ (Peter Dejong/Associated Press)




Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture

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-What Ancient Entity did this person sell their soul to…? Cause I may wanna sign up.


Jumbo Cutlery Drainer by Peleg Design




good morning

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